Hello friends of yours.org, I want to start this post thanking you, because I think that this opportunity to express and tell experiences I liked a lot, to be able to tell you everything that happens around me and in my country is one of the main reasons why move me As I explained, I am Venezuelan and like many on this platform (also Venezuelans) we are looking for a refuge or a way to help ourselves financially, since Venezuela is going through a very difficult crisis at this moment.
What I am going to do is that through this tool and the fascination I have for telling stories, I have found the best way to help at home. My family is quite large and, unfortunately, many of them are no longer in the country, for the reason I already explained. Somehow I feel happy and grateful because the effort has not been in vain, however I want to expose that what you earn on yours.org should be used to save or even to invest, I think that is mainly what users do, but I am very sure that the majority of Venezuelans who are on this platform use this money to buy the simplest and most difficult thing in my country: food.
It is painful to go through this situation, a couple of days ago, a child in a chat asked me that as soon as the Bitcoin cash exchange rate was published I had to make a transaction, I gladly answered, the very sad boy tells me : is that I have a 3 month old baby, the truth broke my soul. Why do we have to go through this situation? I do not think anyone deserves any of this, and I never wish it to anyone, in the bosom of my family, in addition to my two parents, I have my grandmother and my great grandmother, who I hope will recover from the bottom of my heart . those days of old age that they deserve.
(Mama Carlota: my great grandmother)
(Maita: my grandmother)
A pension for the elderly (of those who worked a lifetime for Venezuela) is quoted at 2.400.000bsf and my grandmother, for example, tells me: "Yesterday I asked for medication for stress, but it costs 20.000.000bs, what I see is that this government wants kill everyone. "They do not know how I felt, they do not know how difficult it is to see friends, family, neighbors, etc. Extremely thin because the Venezuelan diet changes drastically, buying a basic basket in this country is a millionaire.
With what little I have managed to accumulate in yours.or, I have managed to buy a couple of good markets, medicine and I have even given one another luxury, which should be normal for a person of my age. Actually, yours.org is somehow an oxygen for me, for my family, because I'm still in Venezuela and even if it hurts in my soul, I'll have to leave soon to get a job in my area (Environmental Engineering) since I'm a recently graduated, and of course in Venezuela there is where to work, but nobody wants to do "free work" because the salary of an employee is really a misery.
(They do not know how happy my parents were and how excited I was to help them)
It is very sad that somehow we are turning our backs on the country, and we are not working to achieve it, but it is complicated, at least my profession is more sought in the interior of the country, which would require more expenses, living, sleeping, eating , and instead of doing a help, that job would be to spend more money without being able to help my parents. The same can be said about the pain of people in supermarkets, where even the elderly are tired of waiting for hours to find a product that is scarce in the country.
(Photo of an old woman in a supermarket)
This is what has left the grandparents of the "revolution" who should be finishing their lives with the best comforts and tranquility that today have a line to buy food, this is the Venezuela that left us this revolution, the only thing they have done is to destroy this country, it hurts me and I regret that people like this lady have to last for hours on a miserable line, when at her age she should be enjoying her grandchildren in the tranquility of her house.
I really want to thank the people who always read me, and I would like to know what kind of things they like to publish, sometimes I reflect on many aspects of life, sometimes I like to show the corners of the world and, better yet, my country where I've been I want to travel more, but the reasons prevent me at this time, before I had a good homemade camera with which I dedicated my trips to take excellent photos (for those who had seen my previous publication) but on one of those trips I went victim of common hampa (something very normal in my country) and now I only use my cell phone to take pictures, I do not complain that I have a good camera, but if someday I save enough and it is an expense that is not so small, I think I will, and I will buy myself a good camera again.

I will continue posting on Yours.org

I'm usually a very active person, I never stand still, I always have to be doing something, I like to cook, I like photography, writing, I like to sew, I like many arts and that's why I always have something to tell or something to talk about , in short, I just wanted to express my feelings and my emotions today, thank the people who have supported me and who have liked the things I publish, every time I can I tell them what is happening in my country: Venezuela.

I will continue telling stories

For all elders, young people and people in need in my country, so that this can be seen by the world, they know it and do not let it happen in their countries, because in my country there has been a horrible plague of bad people that only think of power and hungry people, think of friends, always think when they vote, when they choose the people who govern their country, leaving this crisis will not be easy and my soul hurts in the soul my country, my people, my landscapes, it hurts that somehow we have our heads down, I want to ask people to read me to think positively about Venezuela, to help send good vibrations that is what my country needs most at this moment, thank you very much for reading and voting in my publication always!

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Excelente historia, muy bonito todo lo que cuentas, desde aquí tienes mi apoyo :)
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